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11Dec 2023
Thanks to their seamless delivery, I had no worries about my possessions reaching the distant area securely and on time.
Ruby Anderson
03Nov 2023
I have had experiences with Removals Movers Pimlico on multiple occasions and yet again, they met my expectations. Their helpfulness, congeniality and expediency were remarkable.
Sam K.
18Jul 2023
Their house moving team handled my possessions with all the necessary care and attention. They were respectful of my belongings and took great care when loading everything into their van, strapping everything in securely to ensure no damages would occur.
Robert M
28Feb 2023
My work often necessitates using multiple relocation services, and from all of them, Removals Movers Pimlico reigns supreme. They're unfailingly courteous, heedful, and do a terrific job - they're actually one of the premier local services available.
T. Walton
19May 2016
Highly recommend the man and van service that PimlicoRemovals provide. Not only is it affordable but it adheres to the highest of standards too. Everything is taken care of so you don't have to worry about a thing.
Mandy Hughes
27Apr 2015
Planning a home removal on a budget in London is nearly impossible. I searched online for anything that would fit my budget and finally found Moving Pimlico and hired them. I had a hard time believing they would be any good as their prices were much lower than others'. However, they proved that the most expensive isn't necessarily the best. I was very impressed with their service.
Larry J.
17Mar 2015
What can I say about PimlicoRemovals? Well, in a nutshell they were absolutely suburb. I really couldn't have asked for a better service, so I will be eternally grateful to the team who made this stressful time in my life pass by with far more ease than I had originally envisioned.
Philip L.
16Feb 2015
I hate to sound harsh, but having used plenty of different furniture moving services in the area, I can attest to the fact that many of them are simply useless. There is only really one exception to this. I hired PimlicoRemovals not expecting much, but they actually gave me a top of the line furniture moving service. They moved my dining room furniture from old home to new in an efficient way that I definitely hadn't seen before. Very impressive!
Tommy T.
06Jan 2015
I never doubted that I'd picked the best moving company for my house move, especially when I heard just how little it was going to cost me. I'm no cheap skate but the more money I can save the better. Their pricing was completely transparent with no small print or added extras to buy, so the quote I had was exactly what I ended up paying. So if you want to use a good, honest firm - book in with PimlicoRemovals today.
Dean Edwards
17Dec 2014
Who knew packing could be such a vital task in the process of moving? Well it is indeed. PimlicoRemovals, luckily for me, helped me out no end with my move and with the packing too. All in all, my move went so smoothly and I couldn't be happier with the overall result. Thanks so much! All the team worked so hard and were so dedicated to helping me. It was just excellent. I could not be happier!
Carrie M.
13Aug 2014
Looking back at my removals day now, I don't see how it could have gone any better. All the team at PimlicoRemovals were very efficient especially the removal guys who managed to move all my belongings and furniture without breaking anything. It was crucial for me that they turned up on time above all else which I specified at the point of contact. So I was very pleased to see them arrive at the specified hour then carry out such a professional job. A big thanks to everyone involved including those at the office who were always courteous and helpful.
Rebecca M.
26Jun 2014
Whatever kind of move it is that you're looking to get some help with, I've only had good experiences with PimlicoRemovals. They've helped me out with my house and my office removals and both times they've been quite excellent. I really do enjoy being impressed by a good service and they are one of the best I've found in that regard. They almost make moving fun. They certainly make it a lot easier. On behalf of both my business and my staff, I'd like to say a big thanks for everything they've managed to do for us. Thanks again.
Lillie Lewis
13May 2014
I was in a panic when my boss dropped it on me that I needed to move office within three days. It stumped me and I honestly didn't know which removal company to use. My life was saved by a dear friend who suggested to me PimlicoRemovals. They were in fact better than what they'd said. I was so happy with them and their hard work. The team of movers were hard working, motivated and completely dedicated. It didn't matter at all that it was short notice. They weren't bothered. They just got on with it.
Gemma Calihan
29Apr 2014
When I was looking to move home, I made sure to do my research and find the company who could be help me. After being praised so much online and after a few friends seemed to agree, I gave PimlicoRemovals a call. Best decision I ever made, as their help made the world of difference when it came to getting everything sorted. Organised, efficient, cost effective and just generally nice guys. I cannot find a bad word to say about them and all round it was a fantastic service. Would hire again in a heartbeat.
Anna Parker
28Mar 2014
My Mum was moving in with us and we needed to help her with the entire move as she was not getting any younger. As my husband and I worked full time so we had to arrange for the packing and move to be done. My daughter had recommended PimlicoRemovals and I got in touch for an appointment. It all got sorted a cost, a date for packing and the actual removal date. No problems were met on the way it just went fantastic. Well done guys you did a great service, and at a good cost and saved us a lot of hard work.
C. Lener
19Feb 2014
You know the jitters that come with the thought of moving house?! That intense worry that you have forgotten to do something, not called one of your service providers, hired a bunch of removal men who are more likely to do a bad job than a good one. Well you can forget that with PimlicoRemovals; from the very first moment they took the extra step to ensure that we were calm, prepared and completely comfortable with them and the service they were going to provide. It just made the move so easy and they really did do things well. Recommended to anyone.
06Jan 2014
With regards to moving house, I am not an expert. I mean, I can lift a box and I can drive a van. However, there are so many more complex notions of organization and things like that to sort out when it comes to doing a home removal, that it is basically impossible to do it all yourself. I found that PimlicoRemovals were doing a great offer, so I took a punt, and it certainly paid off in my case, as the price was excellent, but the performance turned out to be incredible as well, which I certainly did not expect!
10Nov 2013
I am serious when I say that I have moved house six times in the last two years because of work, and I am serious when I say that the best company for moving home is PimlicoRemovals. I have used the company for my last two moves, and did so the second time because I was so impressed the first. They did not disappoint the second time round, and I was really pleased with how well equipped in terms of experience and customer service these guys are, to make your move perfect.
Marcus Fatley
29Oct 2013
I was a little worried that my children would react badly to having a group of men that they did not know in the house taking away of their things, but having told the team of this, they were entertained by a friendly group from PimlicoRemovals who made them laugh and feel comfortable about what was going on. It is rare to see such customer support nowadays, and I was pleased that they had listened to my concerns on the matter. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone looking for a great removal.
Kate Morton
16Oct 2013
I was very pleased to meet the guys who came to move my home, as they were all extremely pleasant, and also very strong! Everything was lifted and cared for nicely, with no breakages, which is what I was most worried about. It is a scary thing, having all of your lovely things put in the back of a van by strangers, so I was happy that everything went smoothly, and upon meeting them I felt that they could certainly be trusted with my belongings. Thanks ever so much to PimlicoRemovals for making my move so easy!
Marrianne S.
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